We encourage LIBOA members and local governments to apprise the Association of career opportunities in bylaw enforcement, licence inspection and related fields.

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The positions posted below are only done so at the requested of a government agency. LIBOA recommends that those searching for career opportunities also refer to municipal and civic job websites.  Two of those websites include:

Job Opportunities

District of Kent, Bylaw Enforcement Officer I, Business Licence Inspector . Job Posting

District of North Vancouver, Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Auxiliary. Job Posting

​City of Port Coquitlam, Bylaw Enforcement / Animal Control Officer, Temp Full Time  Job Posting


Persons interested in the profession of bylaw enforcement and licence inspection are highly encouraged to pursue the one or more of the educational courses noted below for knowledge of legislation, authority, evidence and investigations, and other skillsets necessary for this type of work. Most municipal government employers will seek proof of certification in these areas as required or preferred qualifications. Interested persons should contact potential employers to determine necessary qualifications.

The pursuit of higher education in the areas of criminology, sociology, political science or other studies are a definite asset to this profession however it is important to recognize that bylaw enforcement at a municipal government level is substantially different than policing and therefore these courses designed for municipal bylaw enforcement should be undertaken in addition to other studies pursued.

Other topic specific training opportunities benefit bylaw enforcement officers during the course of employment. Those available to LIBOA members from time to time are detailed in the members area.

- Municipal Bylaw Enforcement -

Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 1 course
Justice Institute of British Columbia

This course is designed for new and experienced bylaw officers as well as those considering a career in the field. The course provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required to function effectively in the role of a local government bylaw officer. You will examine relevant legislation, which forms the backbone of the legal authority, powers, and duties of a bylaw officer. The bylaw officers status as a peace officer will be discussed including issues surrounding interpretation of bylaws. Various compliance and enforcement measures/options will be explored. Attributes and qualities of an effective investigator will be discussed by analyzing the fundamental issues and challenges associated with conducting investigations including evidence collection, documentation, and presentation of the evidence in legal and non-legal proceedings. Emphasis is placed on developing skills and knowledge to enhance your ability to defuse emotionally charged situations and to manage your own personal safety and the safety of others. To guide your approach towards and involvement with the public, you will gain a better understanding of issues connected to diversity, mental health, and homelessness.

For further information contact the Justice Institute at 604-528-5590 or visit

Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 2 course
Justice Institute of British Columbia

Level 2 is an advanced, five-day course designed to prepare you to better investigate and prosecute cases pursuant to the applicable legislation. Content includes drafting bylaws, developing policies and procedures, implementing risk management strategies, and defusing potentially volatile situations. It is intended for experienced bylaw enforcement officers; license, building, plumbing, electrical, and gas inspectors; and other local government employees who have responsibility for bylaw code and regulatory enforcement. 

For further information contact the Justice Institute at 604-528-5590 or visit

Investigation and Enforcement Skills Certificate Program
Justice Institute of British Columbia

This employment-related, modular certificate program consists of six core courses and more than a dozen electives. The training will suit both new and experienced investigators and those looking for further training in the fields of investigation and enforcement.

The program of study within the certificate program will provide participants with practical skills which will enable then to successfully conduct a wide variety of investigations.  

For further information contact the Justice Institute at 604-528-5590 or visit

Focus College

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 1 course will teach students note taking skills, report writing skills, statement taking and interviewing skills as well as relevant communication and active listening skills. Students will also learn about the Court System in B.C. and Canada, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, Privacy Legislation, Human Rights, the Rules of Evidence, Civil/Criminal Liability, the Criminal Code of Canada, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Legislation, including various local government statutes.

Entrance Requirements:
Students must purchase our textbook
Students must have a copy of the Criminal Code of Canada
Students must be 19 years of age or older
Students must first go through an intake interview

Method of Evaluation:
Must demonstrate to Instructor that concepts are understood
Must obtain 70% or higher on reviews and quizzes

Upon Completion of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 1 course students will have the knowledge of:
The Professional Bylaw Officer
Conflict Management strategies
Investigation Procedures
Interviewing Skills
Notes and Notebooks
Report Writing
The Court System in Canada, BC
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Privacy Legislation
Human Rights
Rules of Evidence
Civil Liability, Due Diligence
Criminal Code of Canada
Federal, Provincial, Municipal Legislation

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 2 course builds upon the skills taught in the Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 1 course. It will refresh student’s memory in proper note taking, report writing, and investigational procedures skills. This course will explain the challenges of dealing with people with mental health issues and the best practices of dealing with these people. It will also discuss the cultural diversity, multiculturalism and the Canadian Mosaic. Students will learn how to use digital cameras and how to produce photographs for evidence, the framework of Local Government, Building Bylaws and Compliance, Personal Safety Skills, Credibility and cross-examination, the Powers of Arrest, Stress Management, Swear and Information. Students will also attend a real court case and put court packages together and participate in a mock trial.
· Entrance Requirements:
Students must purchase our textbook
Students must have a copy of the Criminal Code of Canada
Students must be 19 years of age or older
· Students must have successfully completed Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 1
Students must first go through an intake interview
Method of Evaluation:
Must demonstrate to Instructor that concepts are understood
Must obtain 70% or higher on reviews and quizzes

Upon Completion of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer Level 2 course Students will have the knowledge of:
further skills – notebooks
how to use digital cameras to produce photographs for evidence
framework of Local Government
building Bylaws and compliance
landowner contact and conflict resolution
personal safety skills
credibility and Cross Examination
powers of Arrest
tour of Kelowna Court House
swear an information
put Court packages together
participate in a mock trial
traffic direction and control

- Animal Control -

Animal Control Officer Basic Training
Langara College

Designed to support regulatory and enforcement officers in work situations that involve animals. This 40-hour full-time program, plus home study, emphasizes animal identification; behaviour, and welfare; capture and transport techniques; animal related legislation; investigative processes; and effective and safe interactions with animals and their owners. Open to animal control, bylaw, and equivalent regulatory or enforcement officers. See website for alternative entry options and to download an application form.

For further information contact Langara College at 604.323.5926 or visit

- Post Secondary Certificate and/or Degree Programs - 

British Columbia in addition to other Canadian provinces have many excellent colleges and universities that offer certificate and/or degree programs in fields related to bylaw enforcement such as criminology, political science, sociology, etc. Examples of some these in BC include but are not limited to:

Capilano University
College of New Caledonia
Douglas College
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Langara College
Northern Lights College
Northwest Community College
Simon Fraser University
Thompson Rivers University
University of the Fraser Valley
University of British Columbia
University of Northern British Columbia
Vancouver Island University

Criminology as an example enables Graduates to continue their education in professional fields such as law, social work, social and behavioural sciences, and are employed in nearly every aspect of the justice system. Studies revolve around a central core of method and theory that provides a foundation for more advanced study of crime and social responses. In addition to core studies, electives reflect various topics and the multi-disciplinary nature of criminology. The required courses and electives afford students of criminology an opportunity to develop abstract logical thinking and critical understanding of the issues that shape the discipline's character and aims. 

Post secondary studies in this area will be of interest to people who wish to become (for example) police officers, correctional officers, youth workers, immigration officers, bylaw enforcement officers, customs inspectors, community service order officers, sheriff's officers and/or other professions with advanced studies

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